• OM 4.0
    The software specializes in the order handling side of your business. From the time the order is received, it is tracked by the system through production, shipping, until finally payment is posted in the Accounts Receivable module.  Easy to use data screens guide you through the information entry process.  Reports keep you informed of inventory needed for shipments, orders shipped, and receivables due. In seconds, you can see your best selling items and customers. Need to do a pre-show mailing?  Easy, and even sort it by zip code.  You can even target only those names that you want. The user interface is designed to be easy to use and intuitive. Menu selections and dialog screens guide you through processes until you have the information you want.  Once the data is ready, you can see it in data format on the screen, preview it in graphical format, or send it right to the printer.  The Policy feature allows you to create your own on-line company manual. Just enter the information that your employees need to know when they have questions about how you want them to do things. The Customer Profile screen displays pertinent information about a selected customer. The screen includes accounting, sales, address information, notes, and a scrolling list of their orders. You can click on an order and bring it up on the screen, enter a new order, post a payment, and even find out which product is purchased most often.

  • The Add-On Modules
    OM-Software has developed specialized modules. when added to the base program, give you additional features and increased functionality.  Click on the links below for descriptions of the modules.



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Network Module

The Network module enables the multi-user features of OM 4.0.  When connected to a network (Windows NT, 2000, Peer-to-Peer, or Novell), users can share data, enter orders, invoice, post payments, and do most other functions simultaneously.

Purchase Order

The Purchase Order module is designed to link the products you sell with the inventory you buy.  the P.O. system has it's own entry screen, reports, inventory list, receiving screens, and vendor maintenance.  It can be used for purchasing finished goods, or raw materials. 

Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials is similar to a recipe.  It is a list of the materials and components used to make a finished product.  In OM 4.0, it links raw materials with finished goods.  When the link is made, reports showing what you need to make, can also generate a list of the materials needed to produce those items.  As finished goods are produced and added to inventory, raw material quantities, through this link, are adjusted as well.

Multiple Companies

The Multiple Companies module allows you to use OM 4.0 for more than one company at a time.  All of the features of your original company are transferred.  You can elect to have data copied, or start fresh with empty databases.  

Remote Order Transfer

Our Remote Order Transfer module, is designed for those who wish to take OM 4.0 on the road.  After copying a fresh set of data to your notebook computer from your office computer, you may then enter new orders, prospects, and quotes (if you have the quote manager installed).  Once you return to the office, or via electronic methods, the new data can then be transferred to the office computer, and merged into the current data. 

EDI Processing

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), can be a time consuming chore.  If you trade with large companies who require you to transfer data via EDI, the OM 4.0 can help to automate this process.  Our EDI interface is a link between the OM 4.0 software, and an EDI mailbox program.  Our module can import 850 Purchase Order documents, and export 856 Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN), 810 Invoice, and 832 Price Catalog documents.  Contact us for the EDI providers we currently work with. 

Bar Code Extensions

Our Barcode Extensions module is made up of the following components.

  • Code39 and UPC True Type fonts
  • Inventory barcode label formats
  • Order entry scanning program

With these, you can print barcode labels from your inventory file, and even use a scanner to speed order entry.

UPC Code Generator

With this module, you can create your own UPC codes.  All you need is a manufacturers code, this module, and a new code will be automatically generated every time you enter a new inventory code.

Quote Manager

Our Quote Manager module is great for issuing a pending order, and printing out a copy for the customer.  If the customer then decides to issue a purchase order, you can turn it into a sales order automatically.  No more double entry. 


Although not sold as a custom application, OM 4.0 has numerous areas which can accommodate customized programs, as well as custom reports and forms.  Contact OM-Software Sales with your ideas. There is a good possibility we can turn them into reality.

Bronze Level Support

The Bronze level will provide your company with OM Software's basic support subscription plan.  This plan includes unlimited email and fax support questions with a 24-hour or less response time.  Access to the Members Only area for the OM Web site.  Subscription extensions from our Refer-A-User program.  Discounted rates on voice support calls.  Free minor product updates.  Additional users can be added at a discounted rate.

Silver Level Support

The Silver level will provide your company with all of the benefits of the Bronze level, as well as unlimited voice support calls for one person from your company.  Additional users can be added at a discounted rate.

Gold Level Support

The Gold level provides your company with all of the benefits of the bronze and silver levels, plus unlimited voice support calls from any OM user at your company's primary location.  This option is especially intended for larger organizations where there are a great number of users, or employee turnover is frequent.